Free Printable Super Kawaii Lunchbox Notes

Free Printable Super-Kawaii Lunchbox Notes

Who wants some free, printable super-kawaii (cute) lunchbox notes and jokes? Perfect for popping into a Bento-box. 

We don’t mean to alarm you, but did you know it’s term three? We aren’t exactly sure how or why this has happened so soon in the year, but we thought it may be a good time to share some extra lunch-box pep, just incase you’re starting to grow bored in that area.

So who thinks their kids would enjoy some cute lunchbox notes or jokes? We made them with care and a fair amount of giggles!

Download your free printable super-kawaii lunchbox notes

Click here or on the images to print them out. Jokes / Notes

free printable super-kawaii cute lunch box note

For more lunchbox ideas check out our story 70 things you can put in a Bento-box. The Bento-box trend was actually the inspiration for these super-kawaii lunchbox notes, there’s just so much cute to be had!


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Words by Barbara O’Reilly