How to Have a Staycation

How to Have a Staycation

Just because you can’t go away these holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the holiday spirit. Here are some tips to turn your house into the perfect resort that not only saves you the hassle of packing and unpacking, but is a lot cheaper too. 

Buffet Breakfast

While it can be really nice to wake up to a buffet breakfast, it can be just as fun to get the kids involved in creating your own. They can help putting out an assortment of cereals, making toast, getting out condiments, and even frying bacon and eggs. You can all sit down and enjoy the delicious spread together.

Spa Treatments

Manicure and pedicure: Line up all your nail polishes and have fun selecting which ones you will use for your toes and fingers. Take it in turns to do each other’s nails.
Massage: Who doesn’t love a nice massage on holiday? Buy some coconut or other oils to give the ‘masseuse’ materials to work with and create that holiday smell.
Facial: These are readily available in stores and can make a fun afternoon at home in front of a movie. It will leave your skin feeling nice and refreshed afterwards.

Refreshment: An afternoon in the sun can also feel like a relaxing holiday, and nothing will help this along like a few refreshing mocktails. There are plenty of recipes online, and your kids will love the creativity involved in making them. Top the drinks off with funky straws or mini umbrellas and enjoy them next to the backyard pool or on a grassy area.

Get the Kids to Put on a Show

Get the kids involved in putting on a show. As kids, my brother and I used to love dressing up and would rehearse all day to put on a show for our parents; it kept us out of their hair all day too. Different family members can do different skits, so that way you all get a chance to sit down and enjoy the show.

Make the House Feel Different

Buy a box of individually wrapped chocolates, and have one family member in charge each night of placing them on everyone’s bed.

Pretend you are travelling around the world and each night try a different cuisine for dinner. You can even have the country as a theme and get your kids involved in decorating the table to match.

Words by Felicity Roberts

Guest Contributor