DIY Felt Fairy House

DIY Felt Fairy House

Get the kids’ together for a crafternoon and make a magical abode for the enchanting fairies.

You’ll Need:

Round cardboard box with lid
Sheets of felt (brown, different shades of green, and any colours for the flowers)
One sheet green stiffened felt (for the base)
Fabric glue
Craft scissors
Black permanent marker
Bits and bobs (buttons, beads, jewels, acorns, sticks, etc.)
Box cutter

How To:

The first step should be carried out by an adult.

1. Using the boxcutter, cut the shape of a door and window out of the side of the cardboard box.

2. Wrap a piece of dark green felt around the outside of the box. Trace and cut out the same door and window shapes. Glue the felt around the box.

3. Cut a winding pathway out of the brown felt, and glue it to the stiffened felt base.

4. Glue the house to the felt base, at the top of the pathway.

5. Trace and cut a circle of dark green felt to glue on the lid or ‘roof’ of the house.

6. Using a marker, draw shapes of leaves of different sizes on a lighter green felt. Cut these out and use them to decorate the sides of the lid.

7. Draw and cut vines, leaves, shrubs and flowers out of the remaining felt, and glue onto the walls of the house and the base.

8. Glue little bits and bobs around the house and base. For example, you can have acorns lanterns, button decor and bead-centred flowers.

Tip: You can fill the house with some doll’s house furniture so the fairies have somewhere to sit and sleep when they come to visit.

Words by S. de Souza

Guest Contributor