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How To Soothe A Crying Baby – The Secret Is Out

We recently discovered some important information that we thought we SHOULD bring to your attention – there may be a foolproof way to soothe a crying baby…say what??

Now I’m no mother yet (but for the love of your crying baby, please don’t stop reading!), because I may have stumbled upon a ‘secret’ in the language of crying babies…let me start at the beginning.

While most parents know a regular crying baby could mean:

A) The little one has gas. So these cries could be helped with some gentle leg exercises to help them pass wind.
B) They have just had a long day or their daily routine has been disturbed.
C) They are hungry.
D) They are in a general out-of-sorts mood.
E) You could have one of those terror crying babies, so you’re just going to have to try and live with it….bring on the terrible two’s…
F) They could be sick, so check with your mum, friends, co-workers who are parents and your bub’s doctor.
G) All the above

If you have experienced the B,D,E form of crying, keep reading.

One afternoon I was chatting to one of my friends about their newborn baby and doing a courtesy enquiry about how they were and if their new baby was sleeping well. I was interested to hear that their daughter mostly slept well when her dad was blowing leaves in the backyard. Interesting, as that can be quite noisy. I asked my sister-in-law if she found that any particular noises got their baby to stop crying or keep them asleep and she said the sound of a lawn mower can help lull her little ones sleep.

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I started to see a pattern here, noises and drown (‘om’) sounds, babies do like!
Could there be something in this? I have heard that babies like certain noises that mimic the sound of a mother’s womb, which makes sense as it’s all a baby has known for their sleeping arrangements for the last nine months. Right!? You would be out-of-sorts too, if you spent enough nights away from your own bed.

So the secret is out! To soothe a crying baby we just need to mimic a low drone like sound aka mum’s belly or white noise.

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Here are 8 ways to do just that… with sound techniques or all the things.

1. Learn this ‘om’ chant
This dad is a genius! He has the ‘Om’ sound down. Parents learn this ASAP!

2. Vacuum the house

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3. Mow the lawn

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4. Put on a hair dryer

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5. This app has all the white noises!!

6. A noisy fan. They want the sound, not the wind draft..

7. Make shushing sounds repeatedly. The more invested the better.

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8. Try a portable white noise machine

How do you get your baby to stop crying? Any secrets you would like to share? We would love to know.

Words by Jenna Templeton / Photography by Nikola Radojcic