How to survive your (kids) first day at school

It’s not just children who get nervous about the first day of school. Nicki Letts speaks with parents who have not only been there, but survived – Here are their tips for getting through those first hazy-crazy days.

“Don’t talk about how much you’ll miss your child

or get emotional, it will only make them anxious.

Wait until you’ve said goodbye before you start

sobbing uncontrollably, then find some other parents

to talk to – chances are they’re feeling the same.”

Nicole, Mackay, Qld


“Allow time at drop-off to settle your child in, and at

pick up so they can show you what they did that day.”

Mark, Subiaco, WA


“Meet the teacher together, then take a look around the

classroom for things you know your little one enjoys,

such as paints, puzzles or the reading corner. This put

me at ease as much as my daughter.”

Devna, Glen Waverley, Vic


“You just have to hope the parenting you’ve given

them up to now will be enough for them to deal

with life out there in the big wide world, minus the

apron strings.”

Jessica, Hamilton, NSW


“Don’t oversell it – school can be a let down. Explain

they may be tired and it’s okay to have a nap in the

afternoon. Give them permission to talk about the

good and bad aspects of the day.”

Neil, Frenchs Forest, NSW