LiteracyPlanet Introduces Free Resources for Australian Teachers on Pinterest

As the 2023 school year’s final term beckons, LiteracyPlanet has a special gift just for educators! These invaluable resources are now available for a free download via the LiteracyPlanet Pinterest page.

In a climate of constrained educational budgets and limited classroom hours, LiteracyPlanet recognised the critical need to provide educators with a valuable array of literacy tools. Throughout the previous term, the platform has dedicated itself to crafting a dynamic and captivating set of resources, poised to reinvigorate the learning journey.

From now until the end of the school year, teachers can tap into this initial wave of resources, spanning themes such as football, animals, transport, pirates, and the festive season. The introduction of special characters adds an extra layer of excitement to the offerings, engaging students in learning, especially in a digital age. The resources are curriculum-aligned, ensuring that they are in line with educational standards and objectives, and the resources have been developed by pedagogical experts and are designed to foster essential skills such as reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The toolkit encompasses a variety of enriching materials: 

  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Sound bingo – A captivating auditory learning experience
  • Visual cues for word acquisition
  • Classroom decorations – Enhancing the learning environment
  • Word builders – Enhancing spelling prowess
  • Word searches, crosswords, and scrambles – Nurturing vocabulary
  • Creative colouring activities
  • Article workbooks – Fostering reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills
  • Motivational literacy posters – Energising back-to-school spirits
  • Word building exercises – Bolstering spelling proficiency

LiteracyPlanet will be creating a continuous influx of free resources throughout the 2024 school year. To access these fun and engaging tools, visit and follow the Pinterest page here