Our Top Simple Living Podcasts

Our Top Simple Living Podcasts

Looking to simplify? Listening to these four podcasts might be just the trick.

You’ve probably realised we’re very into our podcasts here at CHILD. I’ve been particularly interested in ones that focus on simplifying life – anything that helps make life a little bit easier gets a big tick in my book.

Despite listening to tonnes of different podcasts on the topic whilst researching this article, there was only four that really stood out. Rather than include them all, I’ve just discussed the best. Because, according to the simple way of life, less is more. Enjoy!

The Minimalists

This is hands down my favourite podcast at the moment. It’s made by two American dudes, Josh and Ryan, who both quit their high-flying corporate jobs in search of a simpler and more meaningful life. These guys walk the talk, and share with their audience what worked for them in becoming minimalists. A huge part of them simplifying their lives was in getting out of debt, so basically learning to live off less than they earned. They encourage you to ask the question ‘Does this add value to my life?’ when sorting through stuff you already own or before buying anything new. It’s potentially a life changing question.

The Simple Show

This podcast explores how to make the most of work, travel and family life. I especially liked the ‘Travel with Kids’ four-part series, where Tsh speaks with a mum who travelled around the world with her kids and husband. She starts by asking ‘Why travel with kids?’, discusses the hard parts of being on the road with kids and why it’s still worth it. Apparently, the more your kids travel, the easier it becomes.

The Mind Palace

Jessica and Melissa cover a wide range of topics, from success and failure, to sleep, to relationships. The episode I listened to explored the notions we have regarding success and failure and how they’re not necessarily accurate. They say that we need to get better at dealing with and practising failure, as it usually isn’t as scary as we think it will be. It’s quite chatty and the podcasts are long, so have a listen when you’ve got a stretch of time (like a long drive) and feel like having a couple of friends for a yarn.

Zen Habits Favorites

I’ve been an avid reader of Zen Habits for years, so when I discovered Leo had a podcast, I was pretty excited. The podcasts are his best blog posts read out loud – like ‘Practicing Slowness & Being Present’ and ‘The Anti-Bucket List’. The anti-bucket list sparked interest in me, with the idea being that bucket lists put a huge burden on ourselves to achieve, and can make us feel under-accomplished. Instead, why not try focusing on what’s in front of us, or making a list of meaningful activities? The podcasts are short and sweet, meaning you could pop one on while doing any number of little tasks, or as a breather in between your activities of the day.

Words by Melissa Cowan // Photography by Pineapple Supply Co.

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