How To Style A Dreamy Boho Picnic

How To Style A Dreamy Boho Picnic

Make your boho picnic dreams come true by following our awesome style guide.

My goodness I love a picnic. Birthdays, anniversaries and engagements all provide awesome reasons to have one. But really, isn’t the beauty and fun of it reason enough?

The great thing about the boho theme is that you can put as much or little effort into it as you want – from chucking around some gorgeous rugs and cushions to more detailed touches. Here’s some tips on how to style a boho picnic…

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Tunes and Snaps

Okay okay, bringing along a record player and a digital Polaroid camera to a picnic is pretttttty hipster. But how great to have instant memories of the event, and lovely melodies. For tunes, I suggest you play some Fleetwood Mac, Cat Power and Beach House. Why? I just like them. Anything fun and chilled that you love will do.

Image: Mel Denisse

child mags blog boho picnic

Picnic at Hanging Rock

I’m not sure how comfy this would be (my bum kinda hurts just looking at it), but damn it looks beautiful! Throw some rugs on a rocky surface to make your picnic super photogenic for those Polaroid snaps. Loving the ottoman too. I spot a cute tray of sambos as well, tick for that.

Image: 100 Layer Cake

child mags blog boho picnic

Taste the Rainbow

Put out a huge wooden board with a wide selection of goodies like cheese, fruit and bread. The more colours and flavours you can introduce the better. Chuck a couple of flowers on the board for more zsa zsa zu.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

child mags blog boho picnic

Fur Baby

This combo of a beach boho picnic with fur rugs is divine. Bringing the table to the beach might require a bit of effort but hey, think of the Polaroids. Put flowers in random vases for even more visual delight.

Image: The Gypsy Heart

child mags blog boho picnic

Keep it Simple

If you’ve been reading the rest of this post like ‘Yeah Mel, I totally have the time and resources to bring a table to the beach and source a record player’…this pic is for you. A colourful rug, a few pretty cushions, an ottoman and a couple of candles and voila. Boho baby!

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Words by Melissa Cowan // Featured Image by Annie Gray

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