The ParentsNext Program: Helping Parents Reenter the Workforce

atWork Australia’s ParentsNext program has assisted over 27,000 parents in securing employment

The ParentsNext program, offered by atWork Australia, provides vital support to parents preparing for employment as their children approach school age. The program has proven benefits, including improved wellbeing, increased work and study opportunities, and a strengthened support network.

Recent evaluations reveal that 53% of ParentsNext participants feel their job prospects have improved, 28% are engaged in education or training, and 61% report having a robust support network. Participants also score higher in wellbeing compared to those not in the program.1

In celebration of Global Day of Parents (1 June), atWork Australia emphasized its commitment to helping parents reenter the workforce after focusing on raising their children. The ParentsNext program offers free, comprehensive support, including personalized career guidance, financial aid for education, and assistance in leveraging transferrable skills.

Over the past year, atWork Australia has supported nearly 760 participants in Perth through ParentsNext facilitating activities such as finding casual employment, vocational and non-vocational training, and connecting with other relevant programs. This support has enabled many parents to transition into careers in fields like sales, administration, education, and retail.

Naomi’s Story

One inspiring success story is Naomi from Boddington, WA. Naomi overcame significant personal challenges with the help of ParentsNext. After leaving an abusive relationship, she relocated to Mandurah with her three young children. As a single parent without employment, Naomi needed substantial support.

Through ParentsNext, Naomi received education support, career guidance, childcare assistance, and access to community networks like the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). With this support, she was able to pursue her passion and launch her own mobile tanning business, ‘Oh My Glittery Gosh.’

Naomi credits her job coach Anne with providing unwavering support throughout her journey. “Anne has truly been a champion for my business. She presented me with numerous options and guided me through each stage with dedication. Her support has been invaluable, especially when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia two years ago. During my recovery, Anne’s understanding and encouragement helped me stay motivated,” Naomi shared.

Now, Naomi is set to rebrand her business and continues to receive support from Anne. “Breaking down barriers to employment has been challenging, but Anne’s ongoing support makes a significant difference. I’m very fortunate to have her by my side,” she added.

Since its inception in 2018, the ParentsNext program has assisted over 27,000 parents in securing employment and more than 56,000 participants in gaining education across Australia. On the Global Day of Parents, atWork Australia underscored the importance of supporting parents in their journey back into the workforce.

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To learn more about atWork Australia’s support services, visit Additionally, listen to the Candid Conversation podcast episode “You Don’t Realise How Strong You Are Until You Have to Be,” hosted by atWork Australia Brand Ambassador and Paralympian Shaun Pianta, featuring Naomi’s inspiring journey.