The pressure of the pandemic starting to show 

With almost 60% of Australians again in lockdown the pressure on Australian families is building more than at any other time since the start of the COVID pandemic according to the latest statistics from The Separation Guide’s online Q and A.

Figures released by The Separation Guide* reveal the impact of the pandemic in Australia with a:

•           90% increase in requests for legal advice;
•           81% increase in people seeking psychological support;
•           48% increase in requests for financial advice;
•           78% increase in people seeking access to violence prevention services;
•           42% increase in people seeking marriage counselling;
•           41% increase in requests for accounting services;
•           55% increase in requests for support to finance their separation.

Angela Harbinson, CEO and Co-Founder of The Separation Guide says there is now a clear and worrying trend emerging since the beginning of the latest lockdown periods in 2021.

“People are reporting the burden of homeschooling, on-going pressures of working from home, communication breakdowns and the immense financial pressures that are associated with the pandemic,” Harbinson said.

“And our message is the same: make sure you get the support you need to make the best decisions you can in your own unique circumstances.”

Co-Founder, Mediator and Barrister Jack Whelan said the current latest stage of pandemic lock downs were taking a toll on relationships.

“These figures paint a picture of Australian families under duress.

“It’s a very tough time for families. It’s forcing a lot of people to make some very big life decisions. What is most important is that they make fully  informed decisions.

“The most worrying statistic is the 78% increase in people seeking access to violence prevention services, making access to discrete and effective support even more important,” Mr Whelan said.

Tips for people battling in the lockdown according to The Separation Guide

  1. Understand your rights: The Separation Guide Q&A helps guide you about how separation and divorce works in Australia, educating you about important information you need to know at each step.
  2. Assess your level of amicability with your partner: that is, can you be reasonable with each other to help make the process faster and less stressful, less costly and time consuming?
  3. Consider all of your needs through this separation; that may include your financial, legal and personal well being. Often people speak with more than one professional such as a Mediator, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist or Counsellor to support you through your journey.
  4. Make a plan to manage your own health and wellbeing during and after your separation.

*This is the available data for the lockdown periods of 2020 relative to the lockdown periods for 2021.

The Separation Guide was established to:

  • Educate, triage and connect people with the services they need.
  • Reduce the workload on the Family Court system;
  • Generate non-litigated solutions for separating couples, which are very inexpensive compared to litigated outcomes;
  • Provide high-quality online solutions for separating couples;
  • Meet the ‘advice’ needs of separating couples in a holistic way – that is, it meets their legal, financial, psychological and alternate dispute resolution advice needs.