Tips For Organising Your Kids’ School Gear

8 Tips For Organising Your Kids’ School Gear

It’s that time of year again, when the back-to-school lists come out and parents get into organising mode; when your kids’ school gear is as precious as gold and you start strategizing on how you’ll teach your child to not lose their things this year.

I think every parent aims to keep their kids’ things organised and to be able to teach our children the importance of looking after their belongings so they stay out of lost property. By putting some of these simple solutions in place it will help you and your kid’s to keep track of their things at childcare, school, sporting clubs, boarding school and camp.

Here is a list of tips to keep things out of lost property this year:

1. Create a list

Create a list of items that need to return home for school each day. Start small and add to the list over time.

2. Label Everything

Not only is it a great way to make sure that if something does get lost it is returned to you; but it also deters other kids who might take your child’s things because they’ve lost their own.

3. Know where lost property is and check it regularly

Sometimes things don’t make their way to lost property for a few days, so be sure to check back even if it wasn’t there the first time around.

4. Don’t take everything to school

For example, does your child need to take all their pencils, crayons and textas to school? Or would just the pencils be enough. The less that goes to school, the less chance of lost items.

5. Keep Spares

Keep spares at home – just in case something does get lost. You can give your child the spare while you’re looking for the lost item. It eases both you and your child’s stress.

6. Rewards for not losing things

A simple reward chart system is a great way to encourage and motivate children to look after their belongings.

7. Ask your child to contribute to replacements

While it may not be possible for them to pay for the whole replacement, asking your child to contribute with their pocket money can help teach them both the value of belongings as well as money.

8. Colour Code

Installing a colour coding system across your school supplies can also assist with your child’s ability to organise and prioritise the care of school items. One simple block colour can be all it takes for your child to remember that he/she owns that pencil case, book or sharpener

Photography by Moren Hsu

Guest Contributor