What Your Kids Are Really Watching On You Tube

What Your Kids Are Really Watching on YouTube

So what are your kids really watching on YouTube? Is it all just toy unboxings, people filling bathtubs with Fanta and gaming walkthroughs?

Remember the days as a kid when you would wake up early in the morning and rush to watch all the latest children’s shows and cartoons on the TV?

Well nowadays, kids have a smorgasbord of entertainment available to them not only on TV but with on-demand streaming services and YouTube.

At first, I must admit I was a bit sceptical (little concerned) when I heard that kids use most of their screen time watching (God knows what) on YouTube. However, having spent some time watching a variety of different channels and videos myself, I can see why it’s now becoming the main platform of entertainment – with almost every interest and hobby being catered too.

So what are they really watching on YouTube?

We decided to open up the question to our Facebook community, and have them share with us what is keeping their kids glued to the iPad and computer screens.


Stuck on a level of a video game? No worries. Just search the title on YouTube and you are bound to find a live gaming walkthrough of someone playing the game from beginning to end. There are even world competitions where people compete to see who can play and finish a game or level the fastest.

“My boys enjoy watching building Lego and the Batman Lego Movie game walkthroughs. So they can play the game on Wii after they have seen how it’s done to be able to move up another level.” – Preety

“They are obsessed with Minecraft so PewDiePie is a must for my daughter.” – Claire

Dan TDM (The Diamond Minecart) a lot!!!!!!!! “– Melissa


Kids’ don’t have to just rely on dance classes and sport coaches to teach them athletic skills.

“My girls are obsessed with gymnastics so they watch DIY at-home gymnastics tutorials that other girls make around the world.” – Clare

“My boys love watching YouTube for scooter tricks and tutorials.” – Belinda

“My two boys watch old classic music videos and try and copy the dance moves.” – Luize

Toy Unboxing

It seems that kids may prefer watching other children play with toys, rather than play with the toys themselves… The wonder and excitement of opening presents can also be achieved daily by watching other people open, unbox and test out toys.

“My six-year-old son loves to watch those (annoying) surprise egg opening clips. He’s absolutely fascinated by them.” – Kylie

“Other kids playing with toys is so much better than doing it yourself for some reason! Ryan Toy Tester is a big favourite.” – Shannon

“My six-year-old daughter watches princess rap battles and my three-year-old son watches clips of kids playing with all the Thomas the Tank Engine trains. For some reason he prefers to watch other kids playing with them!” – Lauren

“My three-year-old Granddaughter can’t get enough of Doctor Squish who cuts up squishy toys to reveal the slimy contents.” – Karen

“Product unboxings and videos of kids’ toys! Argh! it’s a nightmare too as they see and want the latest and ‘greatest.” – Amanda

Challenges, the Cute and the Wacky

Say the word ‘challenge’ to your kids and see their faces light up! Kind of like our version of ‘truth and dare’, YouTubers will give themselves wacky and fun challenges to accomplish such as filling a bathtub up with skittles or fighting best friends in Sumo outfits. You can’t go wrong with cute animal videos either.

“They watch a guy called Guava Juice, he’s always doing funny experiments (aka challenges) in the bathtub with slime, bath bombs, noodles and food items. He also does experiments in the kitchen; once he wrapped his whole body in rollups and fairy floss. It’s kind of quirky and high energy. Good for a laugh.” – Bridget

“My kids love watching videos of roller coasters and giant slides – even that gives them a big thrill.” – Michelle

“My kids and I love to watch Super Cooper Sunday. It’s about a guy and his dogs.” – Amanda

“My five-year-old loves watching dominoes and marble runs and tries to make his own creations afterwards, amazing how it works his curious mind!” – Jennafa

“Miss six also watches videos on how to train her Hatchimal. There was a phase of watching someone with a magic lip gloss maker turning exciting random things into floss via her magic plastic blender at one point too.” – Gena

“Our daughter watches kittens, kittens and more kittens. Our Son watches Monster Trucks.” – Ern

“Videos of animals that sit on the robotic vacuum cleaners that travel around the house.” – Linda


Clearly some kids are getting bored of modern-day cartoon shows, and parents are more than happy to share their childhood favourites with their brood. Yep! They don’t make them like they used to – bring back the cartoons that taught kids important life lessons and morals.

“We have introduced our son to the “classics” cartoons of our generation. He’s watching cartoons like Popeye The Sailor Man and Voltron.” – Junah

“I have introduced the kids to my old favourite – The Curiosity Show.” – Maree

“My son loves Evan Tube and my daughter loves watching Inspector Gadget and Jojo!” – Emma


Some YouTube shows can be more educational than you think. Kids can learn how to read, discover the solar system and try some fun art & craft DIY’s.

“My girls love to watch Disney music clips from the movies, cake decorating and watching videos on how things are made, like crayons. A real mixed bag.” – Jeannie

“Our kids watch Miniscule. The episodes are great and not too long. They love seeing the tiny animals and insects play out different storylines.” – Melissa

“My boys enjoy watching Aesop’s fables and Indian fables (Panchatantra) which are stories (often about animals) that illustrate a particular moral and teach life lessons to kids.” – Nagma

“My two-year-old enjoys watching educational videos like the ABC, numbers and nursery rhymes.” – Maddison

“My nine-year-old loves watching Operation Ouch and anything to do with science… She loves learning and wants to be a scientist one day.” – Shezz

“We’ve been watching the kids learn about planets and the moon and how it all works, very educational and fun for both of us.” – Deb

“My son always searches on YouTube for books that we can’t afford to buy. He loves reading books.” – Mitch

Were you surprised with the line-up? Was there anything missing from the list? What can’t your kids stop watching on YouTube? Any favourite channels?

Illustration by Jenna Templeton