4 Easy Sandwich Ideas For Your Lunchbox

4 Easy Sandwich Ideas for Your Lunchbox

Make lunchtime something to look forward to, with these simple and yummy sandwich ideas for your kids’ school lunches or your work lunchbox.

There is so much simple beauty in the humble open sandwich. You get double the filling, for the same amount of bread as a sandwich, plus it can all be easily assembled just before eating. This style of lunching couldn’t be more available to creative freedom.

With lots of small bits and pieces to bring to and from work, this is the perfect opportunity to utilise your ‘desk drawer’ pantry and fill it will ‘sandwich toppers’ such as spices, nut butters and other garnishes, to avoid tedious ingredient transport.

Try some of these filling ideas to make a scrumptious open sandwich or add an extra slice on top so you can pop it in a lunchbox.


Blindingly obvious, but this is the true essence of your sandwich. Fluffy texture? Nutty and crunchy? So many options you could choose from depending on your mood. Choices can range from the classic sourdough, Danish rye bread, multigrain loaf, even gluten-free, if need be. Either way, good-quality bread will make all the difference.


A small detail that can sometimes be forgotten in the sandwich-making process, yet crucial in carrying the essence of the overall flavour. Choose from pesto, spiced or herby mayos, hummus, mashed avocado, nut butters or even a humble spread of butter to add a creamy flavour.


This is where you get to go wild. Make it as simple or as complex as you like – this is a chance for you to indulge in your favourite flavours. Get creative and play with textures. Try banana, red peppers, different tomato varieties, and deli meats.


Never underestimate the power of a garnish. Spruce with seeds, herbs, citrus juice, rocket (arugula), alfalfa, coconut, crumbled cheese or even a simple hint of cracked pepper makes a world of difference.

4 Easy Sandwich Ideas For Your Lunchbox

Sandwich Filling Ideas

Give these four fillings a try. I bet you will be looking forward to lunch in the future.

1. Avocado slices with radish, crumbed feta and dukkah.

2. Hummus with roast peppers and red onions.

3. Ricotta with mixed tomatoes and basil.

4. Banana with almond butter and cinnamon.

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