5 Tips for An Easier Dinnertime

5 Tips for An Easier Dinnertime

The struggle is real when it comes to meal times with kids. So there is no harm in trying these five tips for getting kids to eat their food.

Lorna Lily Saxbee has begun a web TV series and written an eBook, which includes recipes and cooking hints, tips and tricks, to get kids eating healthy foods.

Here are her top five tips for getting kids to eat well are:

Be part of the team
Involve the kids in the cooking process. Whether it’s boiling broccoli or peeling snow peas, your child will be far more inclined to eat something they have helped prepare.

Acclimatise children
Do you let kids know what’s going into the meal or do you disguise it? Once a child likes the taste of the meal, it’s time to flaunt it. Make sure you wait for their seal of taste approval first.

Hunger is your friend
No food after 4pm. Give them a healthy snack after school and then leave them to build up an appetite before dinner.

Choice wins commitment
Give your children a choice with certain foods. For example, if you are cooking chops, mash and greens, give them a choice between peas or beans. They may not like either, but giving them the choice will include them and stimulate their commitment to eating their choice.

Storytelling, distract and motivate
If your children are struggling to eat dinner, read them a story at the dinner table.Tell them that for every two mouthfuls they eat, you will read them one page from their favourite book.

Would you try these tips? We’d love to know what to know what you think.

Words by Lorna Lily Saxbee / Photography by Brenda Godinez


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