How to DIY Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Add some creativity and personality to gift-giving with this unique DIY wrapping paper.

1. Source your paper. Matte black paper can be deceivingly hard to find — ours came from Kadmium Art Supplies in Broadway. You can buy it in large quantities online, so think about splitting a roll with your playgroup or consider black tissue paper as an alternative.

2. Get some pens. We tested a range of writing materials with varying results. Go for a felt tip if you want a crisp, easily controlled line, or pick a white pastel if you want that authentic, chalky look. A white gel pen is great for fine detail.

3. Wrap it up. Place irregular-shaped objects inside a box to make wrapping easier. Fold under any raw edges and use double-sided tape to hold everything in place. Pinch along the edges for a clean, crisp finish.

4. Use jute string or baker’s twine to embellish.

5. Start by drawing borders, banners and lettering, lightly in pencil first, then erase after pen is dry.

TIP: When using a chalk pencil or pastel, spray your finished box with a setting spray, or even hair spray, to prevent smudging.

Words by J. Shilson-Josling

Guest Contributor