How To Make An Animal Sock Puppet

How To Make An Animal Sock Puppet

Learn how to make these super-cute animal sock puppets. Why not get the kids’ to put on a puppet show after too?

Make your very own animal sock puppet – watch the video and craft along with the CHILD Magazines team or see the steps below.

Jacqui and Bron make a zebra and an elephant during a crafternoon.

We chose a black-and-white-striped sock to make a zebra and a grey sock for an elephant.

Hot glue gun
Marker/pencil Cardboard
Googly eyes
Felt (various colours)
Wool (various colours)

Optional accessories: feathers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter glue, buttons or other craft accessories.


1. Start by considering what animal or creature you’d like to make then gather supplies from a craft shop, discount store or use materials you have at home.

2. Put your hand in the sock with the heel positioned over the top of your wrist. Poke the toe of the sock between your fingers and thumb to form the mouth. Use marker to mark out where you want the eyes and ears to go.

3. Cut out a long piece of cardboard the width of the sock, then place it inside the sock to prevent it from sticking together when you glue on accessories.

Sock Puppet how to

4. Use hot glue gun (a job for grown-ups) to dot glue where eyes will go. We used clear glue, but you can also buy different colours or glitter sticks for the glue gun. Caution: EXTREMELY HOT. You can also use PVA glue, it just takes longer to dry!

5. Stick googly eyes onto glue dots. It will dry quite quickly, but you’ll have a few seconds to reposition them if you need. To make the eyes more prominent, stick googly eyes onto pom poms before gluing on the sock, or cut out coloured felt circles to stick underneath googly eyes.

DIY Sock Puppet

6. Repeat steps 3-4 for all sock features. We cut out felt ears, mane and tongue and made a bow from ribbon.

7. Depending on your puppet, you could also use other craft accessories listed above to bring your puppet to life. Remove cardboard when done.

Have a puppet show!

Video + Photographs by Felicity Frankish

Guest Contributor