How To Make Super Cute Kawaii Food

How To Make Super Cute Kawaii Food

We take inspiration from Japan’s bento box craze by sharing some of our favourite fun lunchbox ideas.

Originating in Japan, Bento is a home-packed meal in a box shaped container that holds rice and meats with pickled or cooked vegetables in sectioned compartments. Due to its ‘cute’ (Kawaii) factor, parents around the world are beginning to take on this traditional method of packing lunches, taking Japan’s traditional ideas and adding their own cuisines to create a fun and diverse school lunch for their kids.

There are many forms of Bento; one containing a balance of cultural cuisine and another called ‘picture Bento’ when ingredients have been sliced and shaped to resemble pop-culture characters and cute animals.

When you think of bento, I’m sure all these immaculate artsy masterpieces made of food come to mind. But the great thing about bento is that you can personalise them anyway you like with the food in your fridge or pantry – the creative possibilities are endless. You can choose to go all out and make your food into art or use some simple bento techniques in your everyday lunchbox.

Super-cute Kawaii Food Ideas

1. Decorate bread with faces using fruit and toppings – toast never looked so good!

2. There are so many great tools you can buy (see below) for cutting out shapes in deli meats or moulding rice and eggs into animals.

3. Draw faces on fruit with coloured markers or decorate with stickers.

how to make super cute kawaii food

4. Use cookie cutters to shape fruit, meat, cheese and sandwiches.

5. Dinner left-overs are perfect for putting in your bento box!

6. Wraps, sushi or rice paper rolls are a great alternative to bread.

7. If you don’t have compartments in your lunchbox, use silicon or paper cupcake patties to hold fruit, yogurt and dips.

how to make super cute kawaii food

8. Place fruit on a skewer to make fruit kebabs.

9. Wrap cooked tuna in rice triangle balls called Onigiri. They can be wrapped in cling wrap and decorated with washi tape or draw faces on them with a marker.

how to make super cute kawaii food

10. If you don’t have time to make the food kawaii, you can get lots of cute bento accessories such as party cutlery. Food picks and food dividers add an element of fun.

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12. Let special occasions inspire themes for your bento – Easter, Christmas, or by country – trying a different cuisine each time.

13. Download our FREE printable lunchbox notes of funny sayings and jokes. Get them HERE!

Not sure where to begin? Let these bento essentials inspire your kawaii food making!

how to make super cute kawaii foodYummy Kawaii Bento: Preparing Adorable Meals for Adorable Kids by Li Ming Lee Kinokuniya

Happy bento box making!

Images by Jenna Templeton