Let’s set our children up for success before they get start school

Joining a local playgroup can give your child the best start.

As Australian schools prepare to gather the nation’s latest data on early childhood development next month, early childhood advocates are emphasising the importance of taking action to set children up for success well ahead of their school years.

Recent findings reveal that children who participate in playgroups are 47% more likely to be developmentally on track across key areas. Playgroup isn’t just fun—it supports physical health, social skills, and more. By joining, families also build valuable connections and support networks. Let’s set our kids up for success early on—find a playgroup near you today.

“Play, particularly structured play in the playgroup setting that engages children and families, is an extremely effective strategy to support development,” Playgroup Australia Chief Executive Officer Patricia O’Donovan said.

“Joining a local playgroup will of course bring fun and joy for children and their families, but what is perhaps not well known is just how powerful that commitment can be when it comes to setting up Australian children to be developmentally on track.

“Families who engage in their local playgroup benefit not only through building social connections and support with other parents and carers in their community, but they increase the odds that their children will be more developmentally prepared to start primary school.

“The 2021 AEDC Census found that only just over half (54.8%) of children were developmentally on track across all five domains by the time they started school.

For more General information:

Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1984 as the national representative body for playgroup organisations.

Playgroups are groups of young children (birth-to school age) and their parents who meet regularly to play and socialise together.

Playgroups are central to local communities. They help people to fulfill their social, emotional and cultural potential by building shared connections with each other.

Within communities, playgroups sit in the context of family support services and the Early Childhood Education sector.

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