Tips for healthier school lunch boxes

Including your child in the process of preparing for back-to-school lunches can make going back to school a more positive experience.

Here are some tips from our Childmags lunch box archives.

  1. Childmags’ Kids tell us what they want in their lunch boxes. It makes it much easier don’t you think?
  2. It’s Healthy Lunchbox Week, a back-to-school initiative of Nutrition Australia (starts 4th Feb 2024), asking, “does your child have a gut friendly lunch box“!
  3. Many schools now have a zero-waste lunch box mandate so that you can do your bit for the environment too.
  4. Our 6 Eco-friendly lunch box suggestions are a win-win: you’ll have a tidier school, a healthier child, a wealthier wallet and a happier planet.
  5. Dr Jenny O’Dea’s thinking inside the lunch box article provides some food for thought around what you put into your child’s lunch box and how it can affect their development.
  6. Mandy Sacher has 10 swaps for a healthier lunch box so your child will have better concentration at school, more stable moods after school (less whining, tantrums and tears!) and will go to sleep more easily at night as a result. Perfect!
  7. Lastly, are you sick of packing school lunches already? You can reduce lunch box anxiety (is there such as thing?) with these 5 easy tips!