DIY Paper Name Banner

Paper Name Banner

Kids can learn how to make this colourful name banner to hang on their bedroom door.


3 x A3 sheets of cardboard, all different colours
300mm x 6.35mm wooden dowel (approximate size)
Lead pencil
60cm twine, any colour
Glue stick

How To

Cut out a flag shape or any sign shape out of cardboard

Use a ruler to mark out a dotted line, two centimetres from the top of your banner.

Draw bubble letters on remaining sheets of cardboard in desired colours, spelling out the word/s of your choice (your child’s name, a greeting, etc.), making sure the letters fit across the centre of the banner. Cut letters out and glue on to the centre of the cardboard banner (beneath the dotted line).

Fold across the dotted line at of top of banner to create a 2cm rim. Place glue along outer edge of rim. Wrap rim around the wooden dowel (making sure the dowel is placed in the centre) and pat down to secure.

Once the glue has dried (15 minutes), tie and knot twine around each end of the wooden dowel to create a handle for hanging.

Tip: You can also use felt for the letters, or use white cardboard and get your kids to colour the letters in!

Words by Jenna Templeton