Recent Books for Parents on raising kids

Every now and again we get a flurry of books aimed at helping parents and carers work through the various stages of child raising.

This selection of books offer ideas, thoughts and encouragement to assist parents and teachers navigate through these, sometimes awkward, periods.

it’s a girl thing

by Dr Michael C. Nagel, pub. Amba Press $39.95

Neuroscientist Dr Nagel takes a close look at the female brain—how it develops, and how it is different—and the crucial role it plays in how a girl thinks, learns and engages with the world. He explores the neurological differences that exist between boys and girls, and how this shapes their behaviour, learning, growth and development. Dr Nagel offers solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.

talk to your kidsTalk with Your Kids about Things that Matter
by Michael Parker pub. Ventura Press, $24.99
Educator Michael Parker’s book covers many topics such as Friendship, Respect, Honesty, Bullying, Animal Rights, Consent, Democracy, Online Etiquette and many more to help parents guide ethical discussions with their kids.

oh boy!

by Dr Michael C. Nagel, pub. Amba Press $39.95

Released at the same time as it’s a girl thing, oh boy! Uses his research to find out what’s really going on inside the head of a boy.
Neuroscience can teach us a lot about educating and raising boys! Dr Nagel takes a close look at the male brain – how it develops, and how it is different.

Moving past the ‘boys will be boys’ dictum, the author explores aggression, learning difficulties, behaviour, emotional problems, toxic masculinity and the challenges of technology, offering solutions and ideas for parents and teachers.

We’ve Got This – stories of disabled parenting

Eliza Hall editor, pub. Black Inc $32 99

When writer and musician Eliza Hall was pregnant with her first child she was she was excited and nervous like many other mothers but as a person with disability there were added problems and complexities.

Approximately 15% of Australian households have a parent with a disability and  in We’ve Got This, 25 parents who identify their disabilities as deaf, disabled or chronically ill, discuss the highs and lows of their journey to parenthood and reveal that their greatest obstacles lie with the attitudes of other people.

As one contributor, Jasper Peach puts it:

“I Hope that my kids know that love is stronger than a body, and that a body that is in pain can love them with the strength and ferocity of a king tide. Yeah, I reckon I’ve got this.”

When you Wonder, you’re Learning

by Greg Beher and Ryan Rydzewski,  pub. Little Brown, (Hachette) $43.80

When You Wonder, You’re Learning brings the lessons of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood into the digital age.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (1968-2001) was an American half-hour educational children’s television series that was created and hosted by Fred Rogers. He treats the kids like intelligent people who deserve programming just as good as that for adults. You can still find old episodes on YouTube.

The book looks at some of the six skills and mindsets that parents and educators can foster in kids–curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication, perseverance, and empathy-by leading with a Mister Rogers anecdote, then connecting the logic behind what Mister Rogers did on his show to the latest science, followed by tips for parents and educators.