Recipe ideas for kids lunch boxes

Food Writer, Tracy Rutherford works for and has developed some great recipes during her career!

~This Lunch box idea  includes Choc-Orange Energy Balls for active kids.

~Not sure what to pack for your kids’ lunches tomorrow? Try this idea as a healthy alternative to bread

~This tasty lunch of salmon wraps will have budding scientists breezing through the school day.

~Why not fill your child’s lunchbox with their picnic favourites like Little Raspberry Muffins

Tracy Rutherford has worked in food publishing for about 25 years. She loves developing tasty food ideas. Her main jobs are creating recipes, working on photoshoots and editing recipes for magazines, cookbooks and advertising. She gets to call eating “research” and her bedtime reading is normally a cookbook.

Favourite dish? Just one? Any fresh handmade pasta.

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