Unlocking the growing appeal of cruising for families

As cash-strapped and time-poor parents struggle to stretch their budgets and schedules, a new travel trend is gaining popularity and redefining family holidays – cruising! 

Australian families are discovering a game-changing holiday hack that ensures a stress-free, budget-friendly vacation – cruising! Gabby Walters, a leading tourism expert, emphasises the growing appeal of cruising for families, citing its ease of planning, low-risk nature, and all-inclusive pricing.

Q&A: The Current Travel Industry in Australia:

  • Why International Travel? Aussies are shifting towards leisure travel, seeking exploration and relaxation after the challenges of the pandemic.
  • Top 5 Travel Trends:
    1. Value Quest: Travellers prioritise high value for money.
    2. Eco-friendly Choices: A growing emphasis on environmentally conscious tourism.
    3. Rise of Technology: Online platforms make travel more accessible and efficient.
    4. Well-being Travel: A focus on health and wellness experiences post-pandemic.
    5. All-Inclusive Appeal: Particularly popular among millennials, offering budget-friendly options.
  • Common Pain Points for Australian Travellers: From hidden costs to currency fluctuations, international travel presents challenges, especially for families.

What Kids Can Enjoy on Cruises: A standout feature of cruising is the abundance of family-friendly activities tailored to keep kids entertained and parents worry-free. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting offerings for the youngest members of the family:

  1. Kid’s Clubs and Childcare Facilities: Cruise ships often provide well-equipped childcare facilities, ensuring parents can unwind while their children engage in a plethora of supervised activities. These facilities, usually operated by qualified staff, offer a safe and fun environment for kids to socialise and play.
  2. Themed Play Areas: Cruise ships boast themed play areas designed to spark the imagination of young adventurers. From pirate coves to space odysseys, these engaging spaces cater to various age groups, ensuring every child finds their perfect spot for exploration.
  3. Daily Kids’ Programs: A diverse schedule of daily activities is crafted to suit different age groups, ensuring there’s never a dull moment for the young cruisers. From arts and crafts to interactive games, kids can make new friends while creating lasting memories.
  4. Teen Clubs: For older children and teens, there can be dedicated teen clubs where they can socialise, play video games, or simply relax in a space designed just for them. These clubs provide a sense of independence for teens while keeping them within the secure environment of the ship.
  5. Educational Excursions: Many cruise itineraries include educational shore excursions, allowing kids to explore new cultures and historical sites. These excursions, often designed with families in mind, provide enriching experiences that blend entertainment with education.
  6. Special Kids’ Entertainment Shows: From interactive theatre performances to magic shows and character meet-and-greets, Cruises can offer onboard entertainment that caters to the youngest members of the family. These shows are a hit among kids and provide family bonding opportunities.
  7. Family-Friendly Pools and Waterslides: Cruise ships usually feature pools and waterslides suitable for all ages. Parents can relax by the poolside while kids splash and play in specially designed water areas. Safety is a top priority, and lifeguards are often present to oversee water activities.

MSC Cruises provided this information and images. Cruising with MSC Cruises provides a stress-free and enjoyable vacation experience for families, making it the perfect solution for those seeking rest, relaxation, and cherished moments together.