Birth, Baby and Beyond, the highly regarded podcast for new parents, is back…for dads!

It’s on LiSTNR, with a fresh season that puts the spotlight on dads. Renowned midwife Cath Curtain teams up with Chris Taylor, known for his work on The Chaser and the acclaimed series Upright, to deliver an engaging and relatable podcast experience.

Chris Taylor opens up about his fears, insecurities, and the overwhelming feeling of cluelessness that many dads share. He highlights the lack of parenting resources specifically tailored for fathers, as even government materials tend to focus on mothers. Modern dads are eager to be involved, and Chris hopes to find answers and support from Cath Curtain as they embark on this journey together.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say there are days where I don’t feel terrified, scared and clueless. A lot of other dads I speak to feel the same because so much of the parenting literature – even state government resources – is still geared to mums. Modern dads want to be involved. So I’ve got a lot of questions, Cath, and I’m hoping you can hold my hand and answer them.” said Chris Taylor.

With an illustrious 47-year career and experience delivering thousands of babies, Cath Curtain brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She has worked with 50,000 families during the COVID-19 pandemic, making her an invaluable resource for new parents.

Chris Taylor’s personal storytelling adds a unique touch to the podcast. In the first episode, he recounts the five-year struggle he and his wife faced in trying to conceive. He believes it’s important to share these challenges openly, as many dads approach conception with the misconception that it’s just about having fun and expecting a baby in nine months. The reality can be quite different, and he hopes to shed light on the emotional toll it can take.

One topic explored in the podcast is the societal norm of waiting until the 12-week mark to announce a pregnancy. Cath Curtain explains that this practice stems from a desire to hide potential losses, but it can deprive couples of the support they need during difficult times. Openness and family support are crucial when dealing with the loss of a baby.

Chris Taylor fearlessly raises sensitive questions, such as the role of masturbation when trying to conceive. In subsequent episodes, he and Cath Curtain discuss the impact of miscarriage on couples and delve into their personal experiences, highlighting how it affected their relationship and Chris personally.

By shifting the focus to dads, the podcast aims to provide a trusted resource that speaks directly to fathers navigating the challenges and joys of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Cath Curtain’s decades of experience as a midwife and Chris Taylor’s honest storytelling create a platform that resonates with new and expectant fathers.

Birth, Baby and Beyond continues to be one of the most popular podcasts in the country due to its relatable and informative style. This new season aims to empower dads by addressing their concerns, debunking myths, and offering valuable guidance on their unique journey to fatherhood.