DIY Dipped Children’s Stools

How to transform a plain stool with a dip of colour and a splash of fun.

Dipped stool

To create little ‘dipped’ legs on kids’ tables, stools or chairs, sand and paint the piece in your chosen main colour.

You’ll Need
Wooden stool
Masking tape

How to make

Carefully apply masking tape, wrapping it firmly around each leg at the point where you want the legs to be ‘dipped’ to.

Apply two to three coats of paint (allowing the paint to dry between coats).

Remove the masking tape.

Tip: Acrylic paint is a little hardier than chalk-finish paint, therefore ideal to use on children’s furniture.


Decaled stool

To add a little vintage picture to a piece of furniture, source an image by hunting through old children’s book at your local charity store.

You’ll Need
Wooden stool
Clear sealer
Vintage picture

How to make

Cut out the picture and use craft glue to attach it to the piece of furniture.

Seal with a clear sealer.

the-thoughtful-home-bookThis is an edited extract from The Thoughtful Home by Tahn Scoon published by New Holland Publishers.

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