‘Outside the Screen’ Podcast for parents and carers

Children and Media Australia’s President, Prof. Elizabeth Handsley, has partnered with Dr Kim Le, child and adolescent psychiatrist, in a new podcast, ‘Outside the Screen ‘.

To help parents and families decide what’s going to be best for the children and young people in their lives, Kim and Liz discuss research and the policy developments around children’s interactions with screen-based content. Subscriptions are free.

Episodes include:

Episode 1: Gaming Personalities, The One and Only Ivan, and Ad Regulation
Episode 2: Influencers, The Princess Bride, and TikTok
Episode 3: Cyberbullying, Flight of the Navigator, and Attitudes to Privacy
Episode 4: Screen time (or not), The Little Prince, and Cuties
Episode 5: Family Rules, Paper Planes, and Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment
Episode 6: Touch-screens and preschoolers, and James Muecke on sugar
Episode 7: Self-esteem, self-control and smartphone addiction, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Ts and Cs
Episode 8: Tantrums and Josh Golin from Fairplay for Kids.

Each podcast is around 20-25 minutes.