Top 10 Tik-Tok accounts for the first year of parenting

Victoria Baker shares her top 10 TikTok accounts with tips for your first year of parenting. 


Navigating New Parenthood: Top 10 TikTok Guides

Venturing into the first year of parenting? I’ve got you covered with my top 10 TikTok accounts for new parents. From paediatric care tips to baby development hacks, these TikTok creators share practical advice to navigate your first year as a parent with ease – just like its helping me right now! Check out these accounts for a blend of expert insights and real-life parenting wisdom, making your journey into parenthood a bit smoother and much more fun.

Paediatric physical therapist (American) Developmental toys for babies 6-9 months old #baby #babytoys #babytoysidea #developmentaltoys #babydevelopment #newmom #newmomtips #babytips #newparents #firsttimemom #helpmybabylearn ♬ original sound –

  • Tips for development and developmental toy recommendations and reviews.
  • Video topics: developmental toys by age range, when and how to introduce hand signs to babies, how to get proper tummy time positioning, neck strengthening tips for newborns, and when to start teaching babies to roll over.
  • Link available to free baby development website.

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Paediatric occupational therapist (Australian)

@brightest.beginning Baby walkers seem like a fun toy for babies to use. But did you know they can actually delay development? In fact due to the safety risks associated with using a baby walker and no reported developmental benefits Canada actually banned the sale of baby walkers in 2004! #babydevelopment #babywalkers #newparent #newmom #newmomtips #newdad #newdadtips #newmum #babytoys ♬ original sound – Emma Hubbard – Pediatric OT

  • Tips for baby development.
  • Video topics: Tips to promote crawling, a quick guide to introducing solid foods, effective ways to teach your baby to stand, and must-haves for starting solids.
  • YouTube channel available for longer form content.

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Paediatrician (Australian)

@drgolly If your baby is suddenly waking at night, they might be HUNGRY. Their energy needs may have increased and the only way to get more energy is to take in more calories. The amount of energy a baby can get from milk feeding is limited by the size of their stomach, meaning the only way to give them more energy through milk is to add another feed, and the only time available to do this is overnight. It might be time to start them on solid foods (if they are showing signs of readiness). Apart from combating hunger, there are two MAJOR benefits to starting your baby on solids at around 4 months old. 🥇Firstly, it can take several weeks of practice before your baby is confidently taking decent volumes of solids at each meal, meaning it could be a while before they’re taking in enough calories to provide adequate energy to last the night. 🥈Secondly, international allergy guidelines point to strong evidence that we can reduce the lifetime risk of allergies by introducing common allergens in a window between 4 to 6 months. All of this info and more in my progran at the link in my bio.🩵 #sleepregression #sleepregressions #4monthsleepregression #baby #babysleep #sleeptips #paediatrician #drgolly ♬ original sound – drgolly

  • Infant health tips.
  • Video topics: Eczema management, introducing solids, baby sleep regressions, and how to introduce common allergens.

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Developmental physical therapist (American)

@thebabypt Try these tips to help your baby sit. Distinguishing your babys tendencies with sitting is the first step in getting them to sit independently! #momsoftiktok #babytips #babydevelopment ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

  • Developmental tips and toy recommendations.
  • Video topics: popular product reviews, helping your baby roll, tummy time hacks, how to help your baby to sit, hacks to soothe your baby, tips to help your baby stand

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Solid starts

paediatric feeding therapists, doctors and dieticians (American)

@solidstarts♬ Funny Kids – Audiodeity

  • Feeding tips.
  • Video topics: 10 fantastic first foods for babies, 10 foods to avoid for babies, 3 ways to reduce the risk of choking with bread, 4 signs your baby is eating enough, 4 signs your baby is ready to start solids, 5 ways to boost iron in baby’s diet.

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Early intervention paediatric speech pathologist (American)

@peds_slp Do this to encourage your child to start babbling more! Babies loveeeee watching what we are doing and learn best when they are playing and having fun! #slp #speechtherapy #babytips #earlyintervention #pedsslp #momtips #parenttips #babydevelopment #babytalking #playideasforbaby ♬ Snow on the Beach – siti maesaroh

  • Language and feeding tips.
  • Video topics: Tips for picky eaters, feeding tips, play-based therapy, tips to get your baby babbling more, tips for starting solids, using songs during speech therapy, tips for getting your child to talk more.

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Former paramedic (Australian)

@tinyheartseducation Here are some tips to help make feeding times safer and less stressful. Sitting upright This positions your baby for safe swallowing. Leaning back shifts their weight backwards, and gravity pulls in that direction, increasing the risk of choking. Secured This helps to prevent falls. Choose a 5 point harness for optimal safety. If your baby does choke, it’s very quick to undo the straps and begin choking treatment. Surroundings Create a distraction-free zone when eating. This helps your baby to be calm and focused on the task of eating and swallowing. If your baby becomes startled this could cause them to accidentally inhale the food. Supervise: Never leave your child alone when they are eating. Choking is silent. You should always have your eyes on them and be ready to act if they do choke. What are some food rules you have in place to keep your little one safe? #safeeating #solidfoods #highchair #babytiktok ♬ original sound – katie greenberg

  • Safety education.
  • Video topics: Choking first aid, safe eating rules, car travel safety, tips to reduce choking, and signs of a seriously unwell child.

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Paramedic (Australian)

@babysafebasics Periodic breathing 💨 A normal breathing pattern that newborns can do from the age of 2 weeks old and will usually grow out of it by the time they are 6 months old. We commonly see it when newborns are fast asleep. Had your little one ever experienced this? #newbornbaby #newbaby #babytiktok #baby #firsttimemum #newmum ♬ original sound – Babysafebasics

  • Safety education.
  • Video topics: car safety, baby breathing, DIY first aid kit, CPR tips, safe babywearing.

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Parenting health experts (American)

@whattoexpect You can give your baby oranges when they start eating solid foods (usually around 6 months). Oranges are rich in vitamin C and fiber which help support your little one’s immune system. Orange allergens are not common, but check with your healthcare provider before introducing it to your baby. #firstfoodforbaby #firstfoodsforbaby #babyfirstfood #babyfoods #babyledweaning #babyledweaningtips #parentsotiktok #blw #foodintroduction #introtosolids #babynutrition ♬ Lisztomania – Instrumental – Phoenix

  • General parenting advice.
  • Video topics: how to prepare baby food, baby sleep tips, self-care tips for new mums.

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Sleep doctor and paediatric neurologist at Duke University (American)

@thatsleepdocHere are some additional details of this study: Title: sleeping through the night: the consolidation of self regulated sleep across the first year of life. by Henderson et al. Study participants: 75 typically developing infants whose parents volunteered. Sleep metric use: sleep diaries reported by parents, with quality assurance from intermittent video correlation with sleep diaries. Definition of uninterrupted sleep: no awakenings greater than two minutes reported by family. Definition of hitting the criteria: had to meet the criteria five nights out of the week. Had to have at least six sleep diaries for that week.♬ original sound – Sujay Kansagra, M.D.

  • Evidence-based Infant and adult sleep tips.
  • Video topics: 5 common sleep problems, how much do infants sleep, understanding infant sleep cycles, best noise for sleep.

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These accounts are for educational purposes only. Refer to your physician/health professional for specific medical guidance.