Red Rock Christian College

The property


Type of School: Independent, Christian-Non Denominational, Co-ed, Prep-Year 8 (Year 10 in 2020).

Fees 2018: Annual fee Primary $3,4643; Yr 7 -9 $4,410. Sibling discounts apply (2nd child 25%; 3rd child 50%)

Special Programmes and Activities: Music – key feature of our school, choral and instrumental. Japanese – students engage in a variety of cultural experiences while developing a firm foundation in language skills.

Community Service: Students participate in activities that serve others both within the school community and abroad.

School Tours: Personal tours by appointment.

General Comments: At Red Rock Christian College we aim to encourage, inspire and challenge each child to embrace growth no matter where they are on the learning continuum and to develop their character strengths and understand the world in which they live. Together with parents, it is our vision to support and empower students to influence their world with integrity.


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