Woodleigh School

The property

Minimbah and Penbank: 3yo ECC–Y6;

Senior Campus: Y7–12.

Type of School: Multi Campus, coeducational, non-denominational, independent school.

Fees 2018: Refer website.

Intake Years: 3yo ECC, Y5, Y7.

Comments: We see the development of academic learning, personal wellbeing, and student engagement as being interdependent. As a result, we promote the development of student outcomes across the essential elements of learning: the understanding of concepts, the acquisition of knowledge, the mastery of skills, the development of productive attitudes, and the ability to perform meaningful tasks in real world settings. We understand that such deep learning is best cultivated in safe, supportive and respectful environments where students can take risks, question their assumptions, respond creatively, and explore new ways of thinking. Our approach to teaching is paced to students’ learning needs, tailored to their learning preferences, and built around their specific interests as learners. 

Scholarships, Special Programs and Tours: See website.

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